Keishinkan Karate USA is dedicated to the development of each of its students through the process of instruction in Karate-do in order to develop each individuals level of personal excellence.

This is our agreement with our students and potential students...

To provide instruction that is true to the spirit of Karate-do, which incorporates a code of behavior having self-development and community betterment as its end goals.
To provide state-of-the-art technical skills commensurate with worldwide standards of excellence.
To train and certify its instructors in order to insure that the instruction imparted is current, consistent and of the highest quality.
To provide the same quality of instruction to all of its student body without regard to age, ability, gender or religious affiliation.
To provide a disciplined and structured educational environment in which all students are treated with respect, compassion and dignity.
To ensure that the physical safety and well being of our student body as our highest priority.
To continue to work within ou community and private sector in order to advance a correct and proper understanding of the meaning and benefits of Karate-do.

Who do you allow access to your children and family members?

To teach them...what values?

Have these people undergone a background check?

Our Instructors have!

We at Keishinkan Karate USA have established a curriculum that begins slowly and builds upon each foundation of learning. It is well know that people learn by various means, but karate is not rocket science or brain surgery...it is a "hands-on" program where one has to "do" the techniques and skills taught over and over until the mind and body respond as one. Some call this "muscle" memory.  

Many people think and over think....they analyize to much. This was told to the character Tom Cruise played in the movie The Last Samurai. "You have too many minds"...or you're thinking about too many things. Don't analyize, stop...let go...  focus only on the "do" until you do without thinking!

There are many modern day instructors that shove a person into a class wherein there are fast learners and slow learners. This creates learning problems and confidence problems.  We know that a slow learning can develop skills equivalent to fast learners...it just takes a little more time. Once skills are learned one can see no outward difference in the execution of techniques, power, speed, or other performance indicators.

We teach a basic "we show, we teach, you do" program. We first show the basic technique to be learned that day, then we teach it so that it is understood execution wise...then have the students "do" or practice the technique alone, with a class, or with another student.

Advancing through our rank/belt programs are done by student demonstrating his/her understanding of the skill learned and executing it as it should be done under "street" conditions of defense.  

People (children, young adults, and adults) that come to class and train as if each block, strike, kick, or punch executied was as if a person was attacking them at each and every moment they executed the technique and trying to destroy them and people who practice just 1/2 hour per day at home (living room, basement, garage, or back yard) will show a improvement over those that don't...and will advance quicker. In other words you get out what you put into the training.

If one doesn't advance as quickly as their training friends...they should take a look within for the answers. Are you practicing at home?

Over hundreds of years many 100's of thousands of people have trained in karate around the world and have accomplished much more than just defending themselves, families, or friends.

Greater confidence, healthier bodies, greater concentraion and focus...and the abilitiy to stand before small or large groups of people and speak publicly! The by-products of old style Okinawan martial arts and a new dimention to peoples lives and change stumbling blocks into stepping stones!

Some study karate for competition, some for self defense, some for good health, some for social enhancement (meeting new people and developing new friends), some for their jobs (law enforcement, security, etc.). Whatever the reason you choose for studying karate may be...it changes as you grow and change.

We have only a few programs...simpler choices with less "salemanship" confusion!

If you're not sure of where you fit in...we have a Trial Membership program to "test" the waters and determine if this is what you really want to do.  If you do decide that this is what you want to do and where you want to do it at... we'll apply the Trial Membership fee toward the program you qualify for!

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