I learned karate because I was one of those kids just don't fit into traditional high school sports!
(to short for basketball, to heavy track, to small for football, two left feet)

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DT - Defensive Tactics Program
CPS - Corrections, Police, Security Tactical Self Defense
KP - Karate Programs

TCB - Women's Class
LP - Learning Progression of Students
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 Learn to defend against these 28 different attacks!

Hand grabs same side
Hand grabs opposite sides
Hand grabs both sides same time
Grabs from the front over the arms
Grabs from the front under the arms
Grabs from behind over the arms
Grabs from behind under the arms
Full Nelson
Arm lock from behind
Arm lock with choke from behind
Kick attack
Punch attack
Lapel/collar grabs
Choke from the front
Choke from behind
Hair grab and tear
Club attack overhead strike
Club attack roundhouse strike
Club attack reverse strike
Knife attack overhead slash
Knife attack roundhouse slashes
Knife attack back slash
Gun from the front to body
Gun from the front to head
Gun from the back to body
Gun from the front to head
Gun from the side to body
Gun from the front to head

We combine the four major martial arts of Judo, Karate, Aikido, & Tai-jitsu
to form an effective, easy-to-learn defensive tactics program to control & restrain attackers!

"IF... just one of these techniques could save your life or keep you from being crippled...

What would that be worth to you?                  To your family?
12-16 Week Defensive Tactics Program - $179

(That's about $3.73 an hour or $6.30 a technique)

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Lean the above defensive tactics leading to Controling, Restraining, and Handcuffing!

There are times when you have to react immediately against lethal or non-lethal attacks and
there's just not enought time to reach for weapons!

Continues where police/corrections academy defensive tactics training stops!
In order to execute effective, explosive non-lethal arrest techniques it is essentail to continually upgrade skills and maintain quick reflexes with weekly training!


Karate offers a systematic method of student development and progress
measured by Kyu ranking and expressed by colored belts w/wo stripes.

NINJA --> 5-6 years old          DRAGONS --> 7-8 years old

SAMURAI --> 9-10 years old                     BUSHI-KAI --> 11-13


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Kids Karate

Whether it's Kid Karate or an older Karate Kid...

Children and young people who participate will learn a lot of new and useful
skills, such as ways to improve their balance, discipline and focus.
They will also get great opportunities to develop as young individuals,
in the company of children and teenagers their own age and learning abilities!

Attitude: The way you choose to react.
Character: The qualities of being a good person.
Respect: Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
Sincerity: To be honest and tell the truth.
Effort: Always do your best.
Self-Discipline: To control yourself.
Compassion: To see the world through other people's eyes.
Understanding: To know yourself and others.

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T ired of This!

From your own children?
From the school yard or neighborhood bully?

 Ages 5-6

Children's Martial Arts Foundation is currently in the process of development with
funds being solicited from our communities businesses!
Availability to be announced at a later date.
*** Scholarship classes are free and will be available as the program is built up through contributions from our business community!

Helping to bring our neighborhood children in "off the streets" to a positive program of self discovery!

Our main interests and goals are to increase the level of Martial Arts knowledge,
develop motors skills, and of course to have fun while doing so!"

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 Ages 7-8


Practicing Martial Arts gives strength to the weak, and teaches the arrogant to be humble.

Learning: Learn karate and self-defense techniques to strengthen empowerment
Practicing: Gives strength to the weak, humility to the arrogant
Sharing: develops confident leadership in the shyest introvert

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 Ages 9- 10


Children who participate will learn a lot of new and useful skills, such as ways to improve their balance, discipline and focus, and
enable them to improve their grades, attitude, and personality!

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 Ages 11-13


KEI-SHIN-KAN USA creates an environment where we are tough about important aspects of life,
such as respect, humanity, discipline and self-knowledge, in a positive manner.

 Teen Karate-ka Program
14 - 16
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  (Taking Care of Business)

Young Women Of All Ages!


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NOTE: When karate people speak of competition they speak of kata (forms) or kumite (sparring).
Some people don't care to compete in either while others may compete in both...still others make pick only kata or kumite.

This is a personal choice!

Okinawa - Japanese Ranking Method (Tracking our progress)
(Korean-Gup; etc.)

Progress is determined by an oriental ranking system of kyu/class (less than black belt) and Dan/grade (black belt).

Most traditional systems start at 8th kyu (hachikyu) or the very beginning and continue to the upper level of the kyu class or 1st kyu (Ikkyu)

Once one reaches 1st kyu the next step is Black Belt/1st Dan (Shodan).  Now for the belt colors. Any System can choose which colors they want for their specific kyu/dan ranks. In other words an 8th ky could either have a white belt or a black belt...or any color of the rainbow. Color matters little...kyu/dan ranking counts for everything. Those that don't know what kyu/dan they are have trained under a fraudulent person at the least.

Black Belt 1st degree means that one has now attained essential skills to begin the real study of Karate!

(Below are the colors we've choosen to represent the kyu/dan skill levels)

Karate will change your life in a positive way.

You will start feeling good about yourself; it will build your self-confidence, self-esteem, coordination and much more;
it will be something that you will do for the rest of your life and in a safe manner; no age limits.  

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This course works toward an Elementary perfection in the execution of basic stances, blocks, strikes, & kicks.  


As a WHITE BELT (9th kyu) you may feel challenged, you may feel that the drills are hard or to easy. This is the level where we take you by the hand and try to teach all you need to learn to be a good beginner. Here things may not look coordinated and you will learn by trial and err you must start from the bottom to reach the peak. Karate is an example or mirror of life. We were once young or beginners. Karate will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself to reach the highest peak in whatever you do in life because in karate training you must do your only best. During this beginning level of training we allow you to make all the mistakes you can in order to improve. Only by knowing what is wrong you can do what is right in karate.  We will always teach you the right way.

This WHITE BELT (8th kyu) rank with a "Yellow Stripe" through the center and is an important rank in building a good foundation. At this level the student has the very basic to move on to more. I call this rank the "Don't Quit Now Rank". You find yourself doing the same things you learned as a white belt but now you have to do more and better because the next rank will take you to a higher level. At this point you can try your first kata competion. Now the student knows how to move forward and turn. Understands the front kick and working his balance on one leg. The student now is doing more combinations than before in preparation for testing.

The WHITE BELT (7th kyu) rank with a "Orange Stripe" through the center and is an important rank in building a good foundation. Now the student knows how to move forward and turn. Understand the front kick and working his balance on one leg. The student now is doing more combinations than before and is preparing to move into more dificult combinations. Thank you for your effort in trying your very best. In Karate is important to show a strong effort daily not only during a test but during daily practice.

Elementary School is OVER...

...on to Karate Middle School!


Beginning Intermediate
(Green Belt - 6th kyu to 4th kyu)

You're a 6th kyu GREEN BELT (White stripe) this daily effort you demonstrate in Karate practice will transform into a daily habit and you will soon improve your daily life such as school work, body endurance, physical fitness. Your concentration and focus will improve, this is because karate requires you to do multiple things at once.  Good Job!

As a 5th kyu GREEN BELT you are now an Intermediate student on his way up to Black Belt.  How do you feel now? Do you remember when you were a white belt, of course not!  You now advance to “uncommon” basics, kata, and multi-attacker defensive skills, and competition training.  Great Job!

You are now a 4th kyu with a GREEN BELT (Black stripe) and much more closer to your Brown Belt. You have gained more perfection of mind, form, speed, & power. How do you feel now?

Karate Middle School is past-history ----> next Karate High School
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Advanced Intermediate
(Brown Belt - 3rd kyu to 1st kyu)

3rd Kyu BROWN BELT (White stripe) is just around the corner to your Black Belt.

2nd Kyu BROWN BELT Greater control or body, mind, and emotions open the door to hard "high school" competition.

1st Kyu BROWN BELT (Black stripe) More will be demanded of yourself! Do you remember when you were a blue belt, of course not!

Karate "Community College" Classes are now starting!

You're in the adult world of Black Belt Training...WHY, because you past Karate High School and YOU are a BLACK BELT!

Now here this... you are not a good black belt yet.  How could you just got there.
Howerver, you are a great brown had to been to be promoted.

So let's get to work on being a Great Black Belt!

Advance Training
Now the real journey begins...toward expert, toward Master!
It is time to maximize one's
Multi-attacker defenses against weapons (knife, club, and gun), complex & intricate kata, Koshiki fighting.

Onward and upward as a member of the "University of Karate" where advanced training leads to advanced degrees!

Determination has been instilled by this time...and it carries over to your work life!
You've lead classes and no longer fearful of public speaking!

You take charge because that's what you've been trained to do...lead!

Training Program

Develop leadership skills, learn teaching methodology and produce lesson plans that inspire and motivate!

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Registration Fee
1 Time Only
Youth 4-6
1 class/wk
Youth 7-9
1 class/wk
Youth 10-12
1 classes/wk
Youth 13-15
1 class/wk
 2 Youths
2-3 classes/wk
3 Youths
1 class/wk
3 Youths
2-3 classes/wk
3 Youths
2 classes/wk
Adult Couple
Family (3 or more)

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Color Belt:

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(Karate Uniform)


Uniform Sizes
Light Weight
Heavy Weight
4-5 Years
Check for availability
5 Years
Check for availability
6 - 7 Years
Check for availability
7 - 8 Years
Check for availability
9 - 11 Years

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Group/Individual  Seminars - $79  per student!

Learn control & restrain Defensive Tactics!

Certified PR-24 Side-Handled  Baton Training

#1-(24 Hour) Individual/Officer Training Program.
#2-(40 Hour) Instructor Training Program.
Monadnock sanctioned course.

A Dojo Without a Makiwara is merely... a Dance Studio!

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